Buy it once but use it twice.

The FiltaFry man Doug L. comes to our fast food and ice cream store on Mondays to clean our two French fry machines.

When he is finished cleaning the fryers and replaces the old vegtable oil wiht new oil.

On the way out to his truck he rolls his hot oil filtering machine up to my VW diesle Jetta.

He than pumps the old but filtered French fryer oil into a seperate heated tank in the car.

Once the French fry oil (WVO-waist vegtable oil) is heated up to 170 degrees I flip a switch on the dash board.

And a few seconds later the car is running un notiacbly on a liquid that would normaly be disposed of as waist.

Happy to be able to say, now I pay for the oil once and use it twice and do not pay a company to haul it away.

This is not only good for my  wallet, it is good for the enviroment in a few different ways.

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